Blacksmith Coal, also called soft coal or bituminous coal, is available for sale year-round. We offer local pickup, in pre-packaged 50 pound bags from our yard in Maryland, as well as, bulk coal sales delivered by the ton to all of MD, PA, DE, NJ, and many other states up and down the East Coast.

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Looking for anthracite heating coal for your stove; soft blacksmith coal for your forge; a clean burning coal stove or furnace; a new coal fired boiler; or a reliable hauling contractor to move your farm products, sand, stone, palletized building materials or heavy equipment? Your search is over... just give us a call.


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Note: If you would like to pickup your coal order, please CALL and make an appointment so that your order is bagged and ready when you arrive.

Payment Methods: We accept Cash, Check, VISA, Mastercard and Discover.