Coal Stoves, Coal Delivery, Local & Long Haul Trucking Services

While the sale and delivery of anthracite & bituminous coal is our primary business, we also sell Leisure Line Coal Burning Stoves, Furnaces & Boilers, and we provide a range of private or contract hauling, farm material and construction equipment transfer, and other specialty trucking & transportation services.

Bulk Material Sales and Delivery

– Anthracite (Hard) Coal

– Bituminous (Blacksmith or Soft) Coal

– Palletized Materials & Forklift Deliveries

– Loose Stone & Sand Products

Specialty Hauling & Material Handling

– High Lift Single Axle Dump Truck with Coal Chute

– Adjustable Conveyor Belt Coal Delivery System

– Flatbed Truck with Forklift

– Agricultural Crops such as Grain, Corn, Beans

– Farm, Construction and Heavy Equipment